True Charity Tools

Attendees will be exposed to various tools to improve effectiveness including online software to increase community collaboration, tools and training for efficient assessment and goal setting with clients and, among others, one to help your volunteers build real relationships with clients.

LifeDeck Mentoring Program
Faith-Based Mentorship Tool with a Mission to Build Real Relationships

Coming Soon, Connecting One Neighbor’s Need to Another’s Skill.

SWOT Box Assessment Tool
The SWOT Box helps to analytically summarize a person’s Strengths and Weaknesses and their environment’s Opportunities and Threats in these areas: Education, Work/Income Potential, Social/Relational and Health.

Sample SWOT Box and Usage Instructions (Free PDF)

Charity Tracker: Connecting for Development
Charity Tracker is not a product of True Charity or Watered Gardens, Inc. We use the product ourselves and we can offer training in using the system.

Visit the Chartiy Tracker website.

Charity Resources
Proper referral of people between organizations is essential. We designed a web application to empower local organizations to manage their own information. It can be set up on a localized basis to serve your community.

7 Marks of Effective Compassion Group Study
Coming Soon, a Bible based curriculum for small groups in a church to go through in 7 weeks. It’s unique in that each mark explores the life of one homeless or impoverished person and teaches one of the principles from that profile.