How You Can Help

For more information on the ideas presented below, or to contact us with ideas, questions, or requests, please contact us today.



TCI’s goals are big and important. We can’t do this work without the church. We ask that you commit to pray for TCI and for the homeless and underserved population on a regular basis.



Help us get the word out. Promote TCI events and resources on social media, or to your church or community group. Help us find new ways to engage our community.



The True Charity Initiative is a thoughtful, multi-faceted approach to providing just and effective alternatives to state welfare. Meeting expectations for TCI teams are two hours monthly.


TCI Teams

Education Team

Do you feel a call to help educate our community concerning issues of true charity? Business, ministry and political leadership, the youth in our schools and the poor need foundational education in biblical world-view anthropology, history, economics and political science as it relates to true charity. You don’t have to be a teacher to be involved here. All you need is a heart to see the right philosophy pervade the region.

Connections Team

If you have a strong desire to see a community work together, consider this team. Currently, the Charity Tracker Network tool is being used to help us with the accountability component required to exercise true charity. Scores of organizations and churches are using it, but we need all local charities using the system. The True Charity Initiative is dependent on a community that is cohesive in addressing poverty. This team will champion existing systems and develop new ones to improve collaboration.