Certification is possible when an organization commits to the principles and practices of True Charity. Completing the Effective Charity Training followed with implementation of some True Charity Tools steps an organization through levels of True Charity Certification.  This achievement can be shared both in and beyond your community, with stakeholders, donors and potential new partners.

True Charity is Actualized

Some good or service is rendered to the poor and outcomes of these efforts are measured to ensure that help is actually making a difference in the community.

Actualized: Making sure your charity makes an actual difference.

True Charity is Accurate

If charity does not empower the poor, it misses the mark. Empowerment is impossible without some aspect of challenge. Challenge develops people.

Accurate: Making sure your charity is aimed at freeing a person from dependency.

True Charity is Authentic

Real charity stems from compassion and cannot be legislated. Government is an institution and cannot be charitable in truth. True charities are privately funded. 

Authentic: Making sure your charity is connected to compassion.

Application for Certification

Our online application will be available soon. In the meantime, you can download a PDF application here.

Donate to True Charity

Donations for True Charity Initiative are handled by Watered Gardens Gospel Rescue Mission. To give to TCI using either a PayPal account or most major credit cards, use the button below.